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Like other websites, here at Loans 100 Days we make use of cookies as well. Go through the cookie policy carefully before you start browsing through the website. Cookies are small text file and contain anonymous information such as a unique identifier and site name. They are used by us so that we can remember your browsing history and provide increased functionality, better site performance and provide relevant content. Cookies are harmless text files and are not meant to identify any personal information. Browsing through the website will be considered as your consent to the cookies policy.

Cookies can be easily disabled. But disabling cookies might affect your browsing experience. Mainly there are two types of cookies used; session cookies and persistent cookies. A session cookie exists only for the duration of your site visit and gets deleted right after you have exited the website. On the other hand, persistent cookies stay on your device until they gets expired or deleted manually.

The main purpose behind using cookies is to provide you with a website that is interactive and easy to use. They play an essential role in offering good user experience and help us to deliver better and personalized service. Cookies are used to gather customer journey information across our sites so that we can ensure privacy, store login details and temporarily store input information in the loan calculators and comparison tools. They also help us to evaluate our advertising and promotional effectiveness.

To improve the content of the website we also utilize various Google technologies. The Google analytics tools will automatically send certain information to Google like web address of the page visited and IP address. Google may also set cookies or read cookies that are already stored. To control the ads by Google that you see across the web Ads Settings can be utilized. It is easy to understand how ads are selected, how to block specific advertisers and also opt out of certain categories.

Contact us at Loans 100 Days if you have any queries related to cookie policy.

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